In addition to the properties of laminated glass, Comfort Plus is labelled as the smart glass for winter and summer. With its double laminated composition, Comfort Plus combines the benefits required for all seasons. In winter this glass retains more than one third more heat than standard glass. In summer, Comfort Plus halves the sun’s direct heat entering through windows and also retains cool air-conditioned air. Comfort Plus can reduce ultraviolet (UV) radiation by up to 99%. This can greatly reduce the fading of furniture – by up to 8.5 times.

Noise volumes can also be reduced by up to 13% and traffic noise by up to 24% by utilising Comfort Plus glass in your home. Sun glare can be reduced by using Comfort Plus grey tint.

Comfort Plus is safer to have around the house and is an A Grade safety glass meeting the Australian standard AS2208.


Leetoria Windows and Doors recommends the following websites for information about Comfort Plus glass cleaning methods: