Leetoria Windows and Doors offer a vast array of glass options to suit your specific requirements.

Some of the questions that should be answered prior to glass being selected for your renovation or building project include:

  • Do I want clear, tinted or obscure glass?
  • Do I want to keep the heat out?
  • Do I want to keep the heat in?
  • Do I want to reduce glare?
  • Do I want to protect furniture from fading?
  • Do I want to enhance privacy?
  • Do I want to reduce UV penetration?

The answers to these questions can determine the best glass for your home, saving you money, reducing your heating bill and maintaining your privacy. Click here for further information regarding Window Energy Ratings (WERS).

All glass products manufactured at Leetoria Windows and Doors meet the Australian Standard AS1288.

Leetoria specialises in a range of glass options for a range of specific performance needs including the following products: