Leetoria's Bi-fold doors are moving glass walls that can open up some or all of a room to the outdoors. Providing a stylish design with a high quality finish, the Bi-fold door is ideal for entertainment areas. What makes it so popular is that with the panels folded back, there is nothing between you and the great outdoors.


The outboard track system enables easy cleaning and the low-force sliding system provides maximum performance. Bradnam’s have patented the torsional blocking, which ensures the Bi-fold system retains its shape without sagging or jamming.

The Bi-fold door can be used in conjunction with Bi-fold windows and can have a left or right opening direction to suit your home.


  • Double glazed capability
  • Ability to stack to one side or both sides
  • Single entry door access available
  • Hinged fixings with no visible screws for a clean, flush appearance
  • Bottom rolling, dual purpose aluminium extrusion and hardware to suit personal preference and house design considerations
  • Maximum door height of 2400mm
  • Maximum door width of 6500mm
  • Positive locking action providing maximum security and safety

For more information view our Bi-Fold Doors Brochure [PDF, 255KB]